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About Chris Wycoco

Chris Wycoco is a highly accomplished business coach, tax professional, and life and health insurance agent with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, cum laude. With a strong commitment to good recordkeeping, he is widely recognized for his expertise in tax planning and has been honored with numerous awards, including the 2022 Filipino-American Business Person of the Year Gawad America \Award and the 2018 SBA Minority Business of the Year award. Chris has also received special recognition from the US Senate and Congress for his outstanding contributions to the business community.


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Why Business Coaching.?

It offers valuable guidance and support to individuals, teams, and organizations to enhance their performance, productivity, and overall success. Key points highlighting the importance of business coaching include


Staying compliant with tax laws and regulations is crucial to avoid penalties and legal troubles. Business coaching ensures you understand and meet your tax obligations.

Cost Savings

Effective tax planning and financial management can lead to tax savings and reduced expenses, ultimately improving the bottom line.

Business Growth

Well-managed finances are a foundation for business growth. Business coaching can help identify areas for improvement and expansion opportunities.

Financial Literacy

It enhances your financial literacy, empowering you to make informed decisions and understand the financial health of your business.



Valuable insights on the necessary changes required to achieve greater success.

Detect What Is Need

Recognize the potential for development and design initiatives to quickly deliver results.

Clear vision for success

Formulate a cohesive and encompassing success framework that guides you toward achieving success in all areas of your life.

Clear Action Plan

A tailored and robust action plan crafted to suit the unique needs of your business, personal life, and financial situation.

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Dive into Chris Wycoco’s world of transformation and empowerment through his exclusive video content. With a wealth of experience in the business coaching arena, Chris shares his insights, strategies, and success stories in these engaging videos.

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